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Kriti Karbanda Sends A Guy Into Lockup

Kriti Karbanda Sends A Guy Into Lockup

Many are under the impression that film heroines are kind hearted and even though mischievous people manhandle them in the guise of fans, they will bear all that silently.

However it is coming out that lovely Kriti Karbanda who recently entertained all as Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s sister in his recently released Bruce Lee shocked all by sending a guy who is troubling her into lockup.

Speaking to scribes she said she is very short tempered and revealed that when a guy dashed her car in Bengaluru, she shouted at him and dragged him to police station.

She added that she saw to that the guy was put in lockup and only after sometime calmed down and got him released. She expressed happiness on making her reentry on Tollywood silver screen with Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee.

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