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Rs. 25 Crore Teaser For Rajamouli’s Garuda

Rs. 25 Crore Teaser For Rajamouli’s Garuda

Gossip winery is abuzz that Maverick Director Rajamouli is planning to make Garuda, a high budget graphical extravaganza that is much superior to Baahubali on every scale. Although Rajamouli hasn’t officially revealed his plans about making Garuda, the increasing buzz from the film circles clearly indicates that it is not a mere gossip.

As per grapevine Garuda estimated budget is going to be over 1000 crore and it is not an easy task to get someone who would invest so much in a movie. In spite of Rajamouli’s track record and the magical run of Baahubali at the box office, making a movie worth 1000 crore is outright risky. Rajamouli is aware of this and therefore he has come up with a plan to get the attention of the investors.

If the buzz is to be believed Rajamouli is planning to release a teaser of Garuda before the actual film takes off. The estimated cost of this twenty five second teaser is a whopping Rs. 25 crore! This teaser would give clearly give an idea about the how the film is going to be. There would be lot of graphics packed in this short teaser that will be launched directly in the theaters. Rajamouli is confident that producers would queue up to be a part of Garuda after watching the teaser. He is super confident about it that he is willing to invest twenty five crore on the teaser without even knowing whether he will make the movie or not! This might have sounded outright silly if it is about any other director but for Rajamouli nothing is impossible, right?

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