What are some of the 15 minutes Indian breakfast ideas?

What are some of the 15 minutes Indian breakfast ideas?

What are some of the 15 minutes Indian breakfast ideas?

Unleashing the Burst of Flavours with Indian Breakfast Recipes

Ideally, breakfast is the most significant meal of the day. It's like the fuel to set your engine roaring for the rest of the day, right? Now, add to this the mind-boggling complexity and the rich diversity of Indian cuisine. Tada! You get some of the most mesmerizing breakfast ideas. But wait, you've only got 15 minutes in hand. So, can you really manage to saunter through the labyrinth of Indian cuisine and pop out with a piping hot, enticing breakfast in such a short span? The answer is a big, resounding "Yes!" Allow me, Rohan, your fellow food enthusiast, to guide you through on the roller coaster ride that is Indian cuisine, express-style!

Rava Upma: The South Indian Delight

Start your day with Rava Upma, a simple but incredibly delicious South Indian recipe made from semolina. The best part of this dish is the flexibility it offers in terms of ingredients. Want to go light? Add some chopped veggies to it. Craving a protein kick? Throw in a handful of boiled chickpeas. And trust me, preparing it is as simple as walking in a park. You start by roasting some semolina in a hot pan, then tossing in the veggies, along with a handful of spices. Pour in some water, sprinkle in the semolina, and let it cook for about 7 to 10 minutes. And voila, your Upma is ready!

Aloo Poha: The Quintessential Indian Staple

Let’s move to central India now. Aloo poha, or flattened rice cooked with potatoes and spices, is as much a breakfast staple in many Indian households as toasted bread and butter are in the West. What's fascinating about poha is its soft, fluffy texture, impeccably balanced with the crunch of neatly diced and sautéed potatoes. It starts by washing the poha and straining it. Once done, heat up a pan, add oil, mustard seeds, and let the magical Indian tempering ritual begin. In go the onions and potatoes, followed by a stash of spices. Finish it off with the poha, and a squeeze of lemon for that tangy edge. Yes, all this in under 15 minutes!

Bristling with Delight: Besan ka Cheela

Testimonies to the culinary brilliancy of Indian cuisine are many. But there are some dishes that subtly showcase the knack of innovation, inherent in Indian cooking. One such example is Besan ka Cheela, a sort of Indian-styled pancake, made with gram flour or chickpea flour. The best thing about Besan ka Cheela, apart from its deliciousness, is the room it allows for creativity. You can keep it classical with onions, tomatoes, and green chilies, or you can opt to add finely diced bell peppers, spinach, grated carrots, whatever fancies your taste bud! Whisk the batter, drop it into a hot pan, wait for the golden hue, flip, and you're set!

Making the Most Out of Leftovers: Bread Upma

Who said leftovers are boring? With Indian cuisine, even your day-old bread can be made into an exciting breakfast option. The bread upma. Here's a fun fact, I once had a couple of friends over, and the next day all I was left with was a loaf of bread, a few basic spices, and some mixed veggies sitting idle in the fridge. A little mishmash, a bit of what we call "jugaad" in India, I turned it into a Bread Upma, a bizarre but interesting mix taking all but 15 minutes, and the results? Let's just say, breakfast parties became a thing in my circle!

The Power-Packed: Egg Bhurji

Eggs undoubtedly are the ultimate saviours for many of us, especially on those frenzied weekday mornings. But who said you have to confine it to boiled, poached, or a classic omelette? Ever tried the Indian-style scrambled eggs; Egg Bhurji? Meaty, spicy bits of scramble, tinged with the heat of chilies and the freshness of coriander, bhurji is the kind of breakfast that leaves you charged and upbeat for the day. Beat the eggs, stir in the masalas, scramble it in ghee and there, an energising breakfast, ready in a snap!

Wrapping It up: The Mumbai-Style Sandwich

Finally, let's get to Mumbai's soul food, the iconic Street-Style Sandwich. Do you know why I always used to be smitten by these Mumbai-style sandwiches? Well, as a kid, the layered and lined pieces of fresh veggies, placed parallelly between the fluffy slices of bread, the red chutney, that punchy green chutney, all clubbed and grilled to perfection, it looked no less than a work of art to me. And the icing on the cake, they hardly take any time to pull off. Concoct the chutneys, slather it, layer the veggies, and into the griller for a hot, crispy, vibrant breakfast! Now, that's what I call a breakfast fiesta, Mumbai-style!

So you see, breakfast needn't be a ritual hurried through. Even if you're racing against time, with a little help from the abundant gastronomical treasure that is Indian cuisine, it can make you pause, savour and kick start your day on a delightful note. So, what's your pick for tomorrow?

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